Live in Comfort With Quality Air Conditioning in New Haven IN

Creating a relaxing, comfortable environment is a must in most modern, well insulated homes and one of the best appliances for this job is the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. An HVAC is a combined heating and cooling appliance that provides exceptional Air Conditioning in New Haven IN by distributing the treated air through a series of ducts. The cooling process begins with the condenser, which is located outside of the building. The condenser unit is a combination of compression system, fan and cooling coil.The compressor is used to force the refrigerant into a state change. This change allows the refrigerant to cycle through the evaporator coil and collect heat from the interior of the building. The evaporator coil is located inside the air exchanger of the interior cabinet. Heat collection works because the compressed refrigerant has a lower temperature than the ambient air. Plus, the lower temperature chills the metal of the coil and this coolness is then transferred throughout the home. Keep in mind that the HVAC needs regular service to function at its best.

For instance, the AC portion of the HVAC should be checked in the early spring for refrigerant level. Another concern is a dirty evaporator coil, which could result in poor airflow or frozen spots in the coil. Another type of Air Conditioning in New Haven IN is the split or ductless system. Like the HVAC, the split system uses a condenser system located outside the building. However, this system transfers the compressed refrigerant to a series of blowers, up to eight per condenser, placed in various areas inside the home. This type of system has the advantage of zone control. That is, each blower control can be set to different temperatures. This allows the property owner to lower AC usage in unused areas or increase it in hotter areas. Most split systems should also be reversible so they can heat the home in the winter.For those folks searching for an efficient heating and cooling system there is the heat pump. The heat pump is a refrigeration unit that transfers heat from one side of the system to another. It uses very little refrigerant and a lot less electricity than other options. However, the heat pump will still require some method of air distribution such as air ducts. Click Here to learn more about comfort system installation, maintenance and repairs.

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