Limestone Maintenance Services for Driveways

Limestone aggregate has long been a popular choice for use in gravel driveways. These can be both practical and aesthetically appealing, but limestone driveways require the same amount of maintenance as any other gravel driveway. Homeowners who choose crushed stone driveways are likely to experience potholes, loose stones, and draining problems. All of these can be avoided by regularly employing Limestone Maintenance Services.

Potholes are often the result of harsh weather and frequent vehicular travel over limestone aggregate. Many homeowners believe that they can be effectively fixed by moving the stone from another area. This is not an effective solution as it encourages the formation of weak spots elsewhere in the driveway that will be prone to potholes themselves. A company specializing in driveway maintenance will have a ready supply of crushed stone and can repair potholes without the risk of additional damage.

Loose stones that migrate off the driveway and into the lawn are not just unattractive; they can damage the rest of your landscaping equipment. Building a barrier between the driveway and the rest of the yard can help keep limestone aggregate where it belongs and out of the blades of lawnmowers and weed whackers. Taking this additional precaution does not preclude the need for regular maintenance, and scattered stone should be avoided.

Significant erosion can usually be avoided by ensuring proper drainage. If a limestone or other stone aggregate driveway does not drain appropriately, it will require constant care. Deep ruts and excessive potholes are often the results. Leaving these untended can cause damage to vehicles using the driveway. If the drainage is poor due to poor construction, the sub-layer can be removed and a drainage system installed.

Dealing with these potential issues in a timely manner can mean the difference between a quick fix to maintain a beautiful driveway and lawn and a cracked muffler or other vehicular damage. Keep an eye on any issues as they come up and call a professional before potholes, loose gravel, and poor drainage causes permanent damage. Homeowners in need of limestone maintenance services can contact Loftin Trucking & Materials, LLC. An experienced contractor can provide any necessary services to ensure the longevity and safety of limestone and other crushed gravel driveways.

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