Lighthouse Design Ideas That Bring the Coast Inside Your Home

Bring the coastline inside your home by using decorations that pertain to lighthouses. From large lighthouses that you can place in corners of a room to photographs of lighthouses that you take if you visit them, there are a few unique ways to utilize the black and white buildings in every area of your home. Before you begin decorating, try to craft a theme for the room so that it’s easier to choose the colors and the specific details. When looking at lighthouse decor that Lancaster County, PA, stores sell, consider the size of the decorations and how they will compare to the other details in the room.

Creating Your Base
A wall mural featuring a coastline and the ocean is an option to consider if you want to highlight one room over another. If you don’t want to paint the mural, you can use images of lighthouses or stickers that can easily be positioned anywhere you want. A large image on your wall allows for placing a tall in a corner or even in the center of the floor in front of the mural so that it’s the highlight of the room.

Flooring Details and Other Options
When you’re looking at lighthouse decor that Lancaster County, PA, stores offer, think about the floors in your home and how you’re going to incorporate the nautical theme on them. An option would be to use hardwood flooring or tiles that look like the inside of a lighthouse so that you can use light fixtures and other details in other areas of the room. Another option would be to use a larger rug that has a lighthouse on it that you place in the center of the room. This would be a design option to consider for a bathroom or a den where you want more of a warm and welcoming design.

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