Life Out-Of-Doors In Woodbury MN

If you are interested in living in one of the best places in the state, consider real estate in Woodbury MN. Whether you like to shop or enjoy the great outdoors, this is a good place to settle. By buying a home in the area, you can be close to every type of park you and your family could desire.

Parks, Trails and Open Spaces in Woodbury MN

When it comes to quality of life, the residents of Woodbury really appreciate what they have. Parks and natural lands are theirs to explore. Overall, there are around 40 neighborhood parks. The community is also home to 132 miles of walking, hiking and biking trails as well as lake parks, wetlands, woodlands and even an indoor park and skate park. These are several good reasons why many people look to buy real estate in the area.

Sixty-three athletic fields, 48 court facilities and more than 30 play structures, attract large and small families to settle down. When it comes to real estate choices who doesn’t want to be able to take advantage of the state’s natural beauty? In Woodbury MN, the city officials work hard to preserve what they have.

Top Parks in Woodbury MN

One of the most popular parks during the long winter in Woodbury is actually an indoor facility. Central Park is found within the same facility that hosts the local library. Others who make the outdoors their home during the entire year flock to:

  • Carver Lake Beach Park: This Park has a swimming beach. It is also enjoyed in summer for its large group picnic area, picnic shelter and playground. You can take aim at the archery range or hit the path of the Carver Lake Off-Road Cycling Trail.
  • Tamarack Nature Preserve: Follow 2 miles of trails through the Tamarack swamp area. Enjoy the quiet and solitude of the preserve in summer and winter offering the solitude and scenery of the Tamarack swamp. Cross country skiing and skating are part of this park’s attraction during the winter.
  • Ojibway Park: If you like to picnic, you will enjoy the facilities of this park. There are 6 picnic tables, restroom facilities and grills. People also come here to play soccer and volleyball. There are horseshoe courts, a skate park and many paved and unpaved trails for bikes. During winter people come here to indulge in skating and cross country skiing.
  • The Dale Road Open Space and Off-leash Dog Park: For those who have dogs, it is important to have an off-leash space in the town. While some may find it amusing, it is another reason why people buy real estate in certain communities.

If you are looking for a place that offers all members of your family a chance to enjoy the outdoors and experience nature, consider buying real estate in Woodbury MN. This community, although close to the larger centers of St. Paul and Minneapolis, is still a place where open spaces and natural pleasures are easy to access.

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