Levels Of Support For Medical Device Prototyping

There are many different steps involved in moving a new medical device from a concept through to a final marketable product. Most people are aware of all the testing the device has to go through, but there are countless steps even before it reaches the testing phase.

The Importance of Prototyping

The first phase or stage will be the design process. After the design is completed, which is typically done by an in-house or medical device design contracting service, a prototype will be developed.

Due to the time and the costs involved, medical device prototyping is a significant part of the process. New technology allows for virtual testing of computerized models, ensuring that the physical prototype will be accurate, effective and correct, eliminating the need for multiple revisions on the physical prototype when the process is done correctly.

When to Start Thinking About Prototyping

When your in-house team is working on the design, ideally in the early stages, bringing in the engineers from the company completing your medical device prototyping is a critical factor.

Thinking about prototyping during design can decrease the design time and also help in streamlining the design process. The engineers from the CNC machining service or other related services each have their own area of expertise. They can provide suggestions, advice, and recommendations to your design team on everything from how different systems will need to function together in the device to the best materials to meet regulations and requirements while keeping costs low and patient safety levels high.

With some of the services, particularly the physical production of the parts and components, even the processes used to develop the parts will be essential. With even minor changes to shape or configuration, the manufacturer can choose a lower cost production option that not only saves money but also increases the durability or safety of the component. By doing this early in the design there are fewer revisions, allowing the entire project to move to completion more rapidly.

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