Let the Professionals Take Care of Your Waxing and Tinting For You

There are quite a few people who are having their personal care needs taken care of at salons and day spas. While there are a number of quality people providing services in many of these more casual settings, it can give you a greater peace of mind knowing you are having your work done by top-level medical professionals. The office of Dr. David K. Hiranaka deals with facial plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery and maxillofacial surgery. He and his experienced staff also cover most other areas of personal care, including Botox, laser hair removal, eyelid surgery, laser skin treatments and microdermabrasion, among others.

Included in the many personal care services this relaxing and comforting office provides is the process of hair removal that is done using wax. This hair removal process can be done anywhere on the body. It can be used to safely and effectively remove hair from the back, the arms, legs, face and the more private areas on your body. When done correctly, this process is not painful and won’t need to be done again for quite a few weeks.

One of the areas on the body waxing is often used is on the eyebrows. This method can produce a clear, clean arch that gives the eyes and face a more open and better groomed appearance. Since many people have to darken their eyebrows, they also offer tinting. This is done to color the hairs on the eyebrows in much the same way you color your hair, but with a more gentle product. Waxing and tinting can mean you don’t have to worry about plucking the wrong hairs and the color won’t wash off when you bath or go swimming.

Tinting can also be done on your eyelashes. When done by experienced professionals, this is a safe and easy way to always have darker, longer looking lashes. You may choose to add a touch of mascara for a night out, but you won’t have to. Your eyes will look as good when you wake up in the morning as they did when you went to bed. Again, the color will stay on during swimming and won’t run in hot weather. Waxing and tinting can make your daily personal care routine easier and faster, while they leave you looking your best at all times. Get Directions to visit Dr. David K. Hiranaka.

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