Let LED Walkway Lights Improve Your Safety at Home and Work

Any trip, stumble or fall by a visitor to your home may send them to hospital and begin a claim against your home insurance. Should this occur at your workplace, the same problem may lead to an insurance claim against your business. Just think, might all this may have been preventable if you had ensured that you installed high quality LED walkway Lights in your walking areas.

Taking A Slip or Trip Takes Less Than a Second

Everyone has experienced walking around their home, at night, when it’s dark outside and the lights are off. Once you’ve fitted night lights in your home, you will wonder how you ever managed without them and your family will be very pleased with you. By adopting the same attitude to your outside walking area, LED walkway lights will transform any dangerous areas into far safer zones.

Is It Dangerous to Trip or Slip?

When you access figures from the US Department of Labor, they will supply you with data that suggests that falls, tripping and slipping provide the second most dangerous type of accidental death, after motor-vehicle accidents. Around 65% of all work days lost, which accounts for 95 million days a year, are due to tripping and slipping.

Most trips and slips are because someone doesn’t see a dangerous area clearly. There might be wet or uneven walking areas, tiling or bricks that are uneven, damaged steps or a lack of handrails. Some areas become dangerous through grease, dirt and rain. The majority of these hazards would have been seen if lighting in the area was more efficient and effective.

Reduce The Dangerous Situations

By planning ahead, you can prepare a safety plan whether it’s for your home or at work. As you talk to experts and explain the difficulties, they will provide solutions that will vastly improve the walkways around your property.

It is clear that you need to keep walkways clear of obstructions, but sufficient lighting will help you see an area before you enter, so that you can assess whether there are any dangers that you need to avoid.

The installation of lighting around walkways removes the need for individuals to consider how they are going to negotiate moving from one area to another, where previously, they could not see clearly.

The provision of lighting around your walkways, which includes driveways and entrances, will ensure that there is a far lower chance of injury through slipping or tripping and offers the added advantage of making the area safer and more mindful of security issues. There are a wide variety of LED walkway lights to help reduce the accident and insurance claims.

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