Let Landscaping Services Take The Hard Work Out Of Your Own “Organic” Vegetable Garden

Organic produce in the grocery store is pricey. Many health-conscious people consider it well worth the price because they worry about what pesticides could have been sprayed on their fruits and vegetables, especially if they were grown in a foreign country. The alternative for many is to grow their own “organic” fruits and vegetables at home.

Growing “Organic” at Home

The USDA does not consider produce organic unless the soil has been free of prohibited substances (pesticides and most synthetic fertilizers) for three years. A home gardener might know that their soil is good to go, especially if they have been using environmentally friendly practices on their lawn. If that is not the case, they can build a raised garden or use containers and fill them with good soil.

A Vegetable Garden is a Delicious Thing of Beauty

Home gardens have always been popular. There was a famous scene in the Godfather where Marlon Brando was picking tomatoes in his home garden. Some people in cities spend ridiculous sums of money to set up a garden on the roof of their apartment building. Backyard gardens are everywhere.

Supermarket tomatoes can’t begin to compare with a tomato picked fresh and warm and relished on the spot. Red, yellow or orange peppers cost an arm and a leg at the store but are no harder to grow than green peppers. Green beans are almost foolproof; let the kids help plant them and enjoy them in less time than you’d believe. If there are too many to eat, impress the neighbors by passing on the extras.

Setting Up a Vegetable Garden

The work involved in setting up a vegetable garden prevents many people from enjoying the bounty. Getting design and setup help from professional Landscaping Services is an excellent solution. A vegetable garden does not have to be large to produce; a few well-grown plants will produce more than many stunted plants in poor soil. Order a vegetable seed catalog and check out both the new and old varieties. One end of the garden can be set aside as a cutting garden for flowers; enjoy your favorites in the house for months.

Madison Earthcare has grown a lot since 1972. They now offer many different Landscaping Services, including garden design, planting, and watering. Call Melissa at 203-421-4358 for a free estimate. All you’ll have to do is pick and enjoy!

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