Let a Sedation Dentist in Redding, CA Eliminate Dental Fears

Most people have some anxieties about going to the dentist. For some, just the thought of it sends them into a panic. Unfortunately, the fear is so extreme in some people that they don’t get the dental work that they need, and they end up with toothaches, abscesses, and other serious dental problems. A problem that requires a simple filling today may end up being something that requires a root canal or extraction if it is left unchecked. While a visit to the dentist was a scary thing in years past, modern dentistry uses tools and procedures that make visits virtually pain-free, and with the use of sedation dentistry, patients are able to easily overcome their dental fears.

A sedation dentist in Redding, CA uses sedatives to help relax patients while they are undergoing dental procedures. There are various forms of sedatives used, depending on the patients’ needs. Dentists use tranquilizers, anti-anxiety medications, and nitrous oxide. Most of these sedatives allow patients to be awake during the procedure, but relaxed enough to not have fears while the dentist is working. Other types of sedation involve general anesthesia, and patients are asleep until the procedures are over. This is known as sleep dentistry.

While using local anesthesia keeps patients from experiencing pain during dental procedures, it does nothing else to ease their anxieties. Patients who choose a sedation dentist in Redding are able to relax while getting dental work done. In some cases, patients are also given medications to take prior to having dental procedures done, in order to help them relax before the appointment. There are people who come close to having panic attacks just by thinking about visiting the dentist.

There are any reasons why people have fears about the dentist. Sometimes it is because they have had bad experiences in the past. For others, it is the thought of the needle or the drill. It can also be a combination of a number of things that cause this type of fear. Don’t give up on dental care because of fears. Talk to dental professionals to learn more about sedation dentistry. To learn more, click here.

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