Legal Advice in Vermont About Domestic Violence

In Vermont, domestic violence charges present complications for defendants who are parents. The circumstances of the criminal case could flow into a divorce case. The effects of each case could have catastrophic effects on the defendant and their family. A local attorney could provide legal advice in Vermont for defendants who are facing domestic violence charges.

Abiding by the Release Terms

The first factor that the defendant must take into consideration is the terms of their release. The judge provides terms for the release of any defendant who is arrested for domestic violence. In most cases, the defendant cannot return to the home of the victim until after their trial date. A failure to comply could lead to the revocation of their bail and an immediate arrest.

What to Do When a Protection Order is Issued

A protection order stops any contact with the victim of any kind. The terms of the order outline specific activities that are prohibited. The purpose of the court order is to prevent any further attacks that could lead to more injuries. It is also to prevent the victim from suffering mental anguish or trauma.

Managing Visitation with Minor Children

In these cases, it is necessary for the court to intervene when a child is involved. Typically, the defendant is assigned supervised visitation with their child. If the child was the victim, the defendant cannot visit with the child until the court makes a ruling in their criminal case.

Dropping and/or Dismissal of Charges

When a couple is arrested for domestic violence, they have the opportunity to drop the charges against each other. The laws indicate that the state will penalize anyone who drops the criminal charges. However, with legal assistance, the couple could eliminate the criminal charges altogether without penalties.

In Vermont, domestic violence charges could lead to the termination of parental rights if the victim was a child. The offense could also lead to protection orders and other stipulations that apply until the court date. Defendants who are facing domestic violence charges and need legal advice in Vermont can visit for further details about the charges or schedule an appointment now.

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