Learning Your Rights with Family Law in Port Jefferson Station, NY

Divorce remains one of the single most stressful events among families. Rather than suffer, contact an attorney who specializes in family law in Port Jefferson Station, NY to help you through this difficult time.

What Does Family Law Pertain to?

Family law covers aspects mostly pertaining to marriage, especially separation. Family lawyers typically deal with child custody, child visitation rights, divorce, domestic abuse issues, and legal separation. If your family is currently dealing with these problems, contacting an attorney who specializes in family law can help ensure court proceedings go smoothly.

How Does Child Support Get Handled?

Child support is typically court ordered, unless you and your ex-spouse have come up with a mutual written agreement. Child support remains in place even if you voluntarily decide to work less hours or take a position making less money. This is why it is important to be careful when making career decisions if you are responsible for paying child support.

Generally, if you make less money than your ex-spouse, you pay less than half of the child support costs. If you earn more than your ex-spouse, however, you would pay more. This agreement remains in effect unless you are required by the court to change it. Even if your child lives with you, child support still remains your responsibility unless you modify your agreement through the court.

What Can Other Matters a Family Attorney Help with?

Family law attorneys also handle matters like grandparents’ rights and fathers’ rights. Grandparents’ rights can be granted by the court, mandating grandparent visits if it is shown to be in the best interest of the child or children involved. Additionally, more attention has recently been paid to fathers’ rights due to increasing instances of divorce. Fathers’ rights can be granted, protecting the childrearing decisions and parental time granted to fathers. Finally, even issues of relocation can be discussed with these attorneys. If one parent wishes to move out of state, and the other parent disagrees, the court may be able to require written consent for the move. To get more information concerning family law attorneys, click here.

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