Learning About Wood Window Replacement in Milwaukee Wisconsin And Caring For Wood

A property owner who gets Wood Window Replacement in Milwaukee Wisconsin will want to learn how to care for their new windows. Although wood requires a lot more maintenance than other options for windows, it comes with a look that some feel other materials just can’t match.

Prepared Windows

When a homeowner opts for Wood Window Replacement in Milwaukee Wisconsin, they can choose between painted, stained, or untreated windows. If money is a concern, getting untreated windows is probably a person’s best option. It’s important to note that the untreated windows have to be treated as soon as possible. Untreated windows can take on damage quicker than people think. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to treat windows.

Why Treat Windows?

A person who doesn’t know much about wood windows might wonder why the material has to be treated so quickly. Even though wood can be durable, it is also prone to damage from the elements. Wood has to be protected from water. Water that is allowed to penetrate wood can cause damage such as rot. When wood isn’t treated, it can also start to splinter in some areas. Find more information about wood windows by visiting a website that sells them. Contractors can let homeowners know what their options are for windows.

Treating Windows

In order to treat windows, a person needs to do prep work. First, they should remove any stickers or labels that are on the windows. After that, they will need to sand the windows. Care must be taken not to come in contact with the glass. After the sanding, the tape should be placed around the borders to protect the glass. If a window is going to be painted, primer has to be applied first. Some windows come primed from the factory. Windows that will be stained don’t need the primer.

Wood windows can add to the appearance of a home. Homeowners have to remember to take care of their windows. Paint and stain don’t last forever. Examining the windows for any problems can help to make them last. Examinations should be conducted by homeowners at least once a year.

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