Learning About Some Of The Important Dog Shots in Mesa, AZ

As a dog owner, you have a responsibility to be caring and nurturing to your dog. One of the responsibilities you have is making sure your dog receives his or her Dog Shots. Many owners overlook the need of these vaccinations, because they feel they’re unnecessary. However, avoiding these necessary shots can be detrimental to your dog, you, and other animals and people. Let’s take a look at a couple of the dog vaccines that are administered.

Rabies You’re probably somewhat familiar with rabies and the dangers of rabies. It’s one of the core vaccinations that most areas require in the United States. Rabies is an extremely dangerous virus that can affect both humans and animals. Those animals who are infected can pass the virus to one another, as well as to the humans they bite. It’s important that you check the laws of your state in order to determine how often the rabies vaccine should be administered to your dog; some states require it annually, while others require it every couple of years.

Lyme Disease Lyme disease is another infection that can be fought with Dog Shots in Mesa, AZ. The disease is usually transmitted to the dog by an infected tick. The tick bites, and latches on to the dogs skin, whereby allowing the disease to be transmitted in less than a day. This vaccination isn’t typically required by most states, however, some states require it because of the amount of ticks that frequent the area. If you know that you and your dog live in an area heavily populated by various types of ticks, it’s important that you give the lyme disease vaccine to your dog.

Parvovirus This particular virus is deadly to both humans and animals. The Parvovirus is highly contagious, and is spread through contact and consumption with fecal matter from an infected animal. It’s very easy for a dog to get infected with this virus if they drink contaminated water, or eat food mixed in with the infected fecal matter. The virus is very dangerous can live for months in a variety of places. Although not usually required, these types of Dog Shots in Mesa, AZ are very important.

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