Learn More about Orthotics in California to Address Ankle and Foot Pain

Your doctor may recommend that you use custom orthotics if you are dealing with pain in your feet, ankle, or legs. Here are a few things you should know as you do your research on orthotics and custom orthotics cost.

Orthotics is often part of a complete foot treatment that your doctor may prescribe. They may recommend physical therapy exercises and more supportive shoes in addition to the custom orthotics. The goal of orthotics is to put the feet in a position that will provide proper support and reduce pain. The doctor will recommend that cushioning be added to specific areas of an insert. For example, they may recommend that support be added to the heel or ball of your foot.

Orthotics has been shown to help individuals who are dealing with arthritis, back pain, diabetes, flat feet, and hammertoes. They may also help individuals who have high arches, heel spurs, or plantar fasciitis. If you recently injured your foot or ankle, your doctor may recommend orthotics. This may lead you to be curious about custom orthotics cost.

Studies show that orthotics can help individuals who are dealing with foot and ankle problems. However, there are different things that will influence the effectiveness of the orthotics. For example, you can improve your chances of them helping you by wearing them regularly. Also, you want to work with professionals who will create orthotics that are of high quality.

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