Learn More About Emergency Vehicle Graphics in NYC

by | May 21, 2014 | Business, Signs

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If you have ever lived or been to a small to a large city in NYC or anywhere, you have seen an emergency vehicle of some type. These vehicles must be in top working order and have proper sirens and signage so that people can see them easily and move out of the way when necessary. These vehicles save lives, so it is important that the graphics on them are perfect, every time.


Police vehicles are everywhere. Whenever someone is hurt or there has been a crime, the police are dispatched. Most people don’t realize that vehicle wraps are used for the graphics in NYC and in other areas. Many believe that the graphics are painted on, but this becomes problematic after even a year of duty for the vehicle, as the paint can wear or chip. Therefore, police vehicles have wraps placed on the car.

There is usually a graphic on the side, whether the car is a state trooper or city cop car. Most city police cars are black and white, and have the emblem of the city, the word “police” in large letters, and their motto. In most cases, the precinct is also listed. However, some police cars in NYC have “NYPD” on their vehicles and nothing else.


Fire trucks and fire chief cars are also considered emergency vehicles and must show they are important. The bright red of the trucks say a lot, but it is important to know from which area the fire truck is from. Most fire trucks don’t include “fire rescue” in backwards letters on the front of the truck, but some do. The trucks are also numbered and there is usually an emblem on both sides that show the precinct’s particular emblem, the city name and the words “FIRE-EMS.”

Another kind of fire emergency vehicle is the fire chief car or SUV. This vehicle is usually red, has flashers and includes the name of the city, emblem, “FIRE DEPT” and the precinct number.


Most ambulances are box trucks, though there are some vans and regular trucks with large EMS trailers behind them.

The graphics on these vehicles are usually red and blue, and they usually say something about “EMERGENCY” and “AMBULANCE.” These vehicles are meant to be noticed immediately so that people can move out of the way safely or stop so that the ambulance can pass. Because of this, many ambulances have the word “AMBULANCE” printed backwards on the front of the vehicle, above the bumper.

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