Learn How To Purchase Swim Spas Bradenton FL

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Swimming Pool

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Swim spas in Bradenton FL are an excellent way to spend time with family, relax, and exercise. However, it can be tough to choose one because there are so many models and features available. Likewise, you may not get correct information because there are so many places to look on the Internet.

Type Types

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the different swim spas in Bradenton FL. For one, they can also be called swimming hot tubs and have different classes available. For example, the vessel can be steel panels with a vinyl liner, fiberglass, or acrylic. You’re most likely to find the vinyl liner version for backyards but can go for a more high-end appearance with fiberglass or a spa-like finish with acrylic.

You’ll also have various options for the current generation, which is essential for swimming in the spa. For propulsion, you’ve got paddlewheels, propellers, and jets. You’ll probably be more familiar with jets, as they may be found at fitness centers and gyms. Likewise, jets are easier to find and set up.


Next, you’ll have to consider which features you want/need. For example, you can have benches and other seating configurations, massaging jets, lights, and covers. It is advisable to get a cover or purchase one separately to ensure that dirt, dust, and debris don’t get into the spa when it’s not being used.

You can also find a wide variety of accessories for swim spas in Bradenton FL. For example, you’ll find treadmills that are designed to stay in the water, exercise bands, waterfall features, built-in radio functions, and massage wands (a removable, hand-held jet that can be placed near the body).


It’s best to determine how the spa will be used, such as leisure/relaxation or exercise, and choose a current generator appropriate for that use. Then, consider whether it will be inside or outside, and start searching for dealers in Bradenton FL. Contact Swim Spa Factory 2 for latest updates!