Learn About The Types Of Home Heating Systems in Ephrata, PA

It can get cold in winter and so it is important for homeowners to keep their heating systems in Ephrata, PA working properly. There are several types of heating systems that can either blow warm air throughout a home or use hot water to warm pipes located in the floor. All of the systems have their own benefits and disadvantages for the homeowner.

The most common heating systems use forced air. A furnace heats the air and then distributes it through many different air ducts to each room. The furnace needs fuel such as natural gas, heating oil or propane. There are also furnaces that use electricity. There are several advantages to using a forced air system. Parts of the same air distribution system can also be used with an air conditioner to force cold air through the home. The furnace system helps keep the air inside the home clean by filtering it. A homeowner can add a humidifier or dehumidifier to the system depending on the home’s environment. A forced air system does require regular maintenance. If the furnace is located inside the home it can make some noise when in use.

Radiant heat is another one of the kinds of heating systems. The heat can come from an old fashioned stove that uses wood or coal. A homeowner may also have a boiler to create hot water that is sent through a tube under a floor or into panels in the ceiling. One advantage to this system is that the hot water provides even heat. The boiler can be energy efficient and use the same sources of energy as a forced air furnace, oil, propane, natural gas or electricity. The downside to a radiant heating system is that it can take a few minutes for the boiler to heat its first cycle of water. And if the homeowner wants to have an air conditioning system too it will require its own separate air distribution system.

A variation of the radiant system is one that uses a baseboard to distribute the heat. It is called a hot water baseboard system. A boiler heats the water and then sends it to the units. They are placed along the bottom of a wall in the room. Each one has many metal fins that dissipates the heat into the air. This type of system is very energy efficient and quiet because there are no moving parts. Homeowners may find it a challenge to place the baseboards where they will not interfere with the drapes or furniture.

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