Learn About the Two Possible Outcomes for a Bail Bond in Polk County

If a family member has been arrested, you may want to Get more knowledge about the bail bonds process so that you can decide if you want to get a bond to help them out. When you get a Bail Bond In Polk County, you’re going to have to sign a contract, so it’s important that you know what you’re getting into before you get the bond. You can pay for the bond by giving the bondsman the amount of money to cover a percentage of the bond, or you can use collateral that you own. There are two different outcomes possible, depending on if they person you’re helping goes to their hearings or not.

If They Go to the Hearings

If you put down a percentage of the bond amount, you won’t owe any more money. The bondsman will get his money back and the percentage you paid will be the fee for the bond. If you put up collateral to cover the bond, you will get your collateral back and you may have to pay a fee for the bondsman’s service. The details for this will be covered in the contract you sign before you get the bond. At this point, your contract is finished.

If They Do Not Go to the Hearings

When the person you helped does not show for their hearings, you will have to cover the full bond, because the bondsman will not get his money back. If you paid a percentage of the bond, you will have to pay the remaining percentage, plus any fees if necessary. If you gave the bondsman collateral to cover the full bail amount, you will forfeit the collateral. You may also have to pay the bondsman’s service fees.

The amount of fees and the rest of the details about the Bail Bond In Polk County can be found in your contract, or you can ask your local bondsman. It’s best to understand all of the details before you get a bond, so you know what will happen if the person you help doesn’t go to his or her hearings. Before you get a bond, make sure you ask the bondsman any questions you may have so that you are clear on what you are responsible for by getting the bond for your family member. Click here for more information.

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