Learn About the Christian Conference Center Wisconsin, and Its Activities

Are you looking for a center offering camping, meeting, or retreat activities? Then, visit the Christian Conference Center in Winsconsin with your family and friends. Below is information about the facilities they offer.

Youth camps

The Christian Conference Center Wisconsin offers traditional camp activities such as boating, archery, arts and crafts, riflery, and swimming. In addition, the youth camps also provide “non-traditional” activities such as blacksmithing, medieval siege slacklining, and other fun games.

Day camps

The day camp facilities are supervised by nurturing, competent staff to ensure that the children have a good time each day. The campers are divided into groups based on their age.

These are the groups:

• Junior group (Trailblazers, ages 6-7)

• Middle age (Pioneers, ages 8-10)

• The older group (Settlers, ages 11-13)

Family Camps and Retreats

You and your family can also attend family camps at the Christian Conference Center Wisconsin. The weather is pleasant at the facility, and visitors can enjoy delicious food. Furthermore, their fellowship services are outstanding.

The center is a great place to go swimming, meet new people, and give thanks for all His greatness. In your faith, the church meetings will challenge and inspire you.

The center also offers a variety of retreat activities throughout the summer to meet the needs of couples, individuals, organizations, and communities. Adults can strategize and meet together as a team for team bonding or worship.

Whatever activities you choose, the camp workers will organize everything for you. So you can quickly unpack and continue having fun when you turn up. Employees will handle food and cleanup, concentrating on reuniting with family or friends. Contact Crescent Lake Bible Camp today.

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