Learn About Nutrition With The Max Challenge

Your nutritional intake plays a big role in your health. In some cases, it makes as big of an impact on your health and risk of chronic diseases as your family history. If you have not given your nutrition a lot of thought in the past, now is the time to start. At The Max Challenge, we offer to counsel for nutrition in Piscataway NJ. Our nutritional counseling helps you plan how many calories to eat daily, how to allocate them and how to lose weight without severely cutting your calorie intake.

Our nutritional counseling also helps you learn how to make healthier choices. If you are used to eating carb-heavy meals, this could be detrimental to your goals of losing weight and getting fit. We can help you set and achieve specific goals such as cutting your intake of added sugar and upping your fiber intake.

Another part of The Max Challenge is our challenging fitness program. THE MAX Challenge of Piscataway is not like any typical gym that you have been to. We won’t coach you on lifting weights or improving your run time for a 5K. We will coach you on doing your personal best. We combine cardio and strength training in a way that is fun and invigorating. Our workouts help you burn calories and trim the fat from your body. You will see noticeable results around your belly and waistline.

By combining the power of better nutritional intake and intense combination exercise, we help you advance toward your fitness goals. Take our program by yourself or with a friend. When you want to learn more about fitness and nutrition in Piscataway NJ, contact us at The Max Challenge. You may also learn more about our nutrition counseling services online.

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