Learn about Direct Cremation Cost in Spring Tx

Cremation is becoming more and more popular due to the difference in costs compared to traditional burials. Burial and funeral costs are exorbitant. A simple burial can cost tens of thousands of dollars. While cremation with a funeral service is less expensive, the cost can still place a burden on surviving family members. A direct cremation is the most affordable way to handle a death in the family. The total cremation cost in Spring Tx is much lower because there is no embalming, no viewing, and no services. The entire process can be arranged and paid for online. The basic services are provided at a flat rate with cremated remains delivered to the family.

There are some fees and costs that are not part of the basic service. The fees for the medical examiner are extra, as are fees for shipping cremated remains and an additional fee if the decedent is in excess of three-hundred pounds. Certified copies of the death certificate also incur extra costs. There are available upgrades that will increase cremation cost in Spring Tx, but those are selected at the discretion of the family. A keepsake urn, for example, will cost more than a standard urn. Cremation jewelry, memorial glass orbs, prayer cards, memorial folders, and other products are available for purchase if desired. The website includes transparent pricing for all services, mandatory and optional.

Those who wish to plan ahead and pay for their own cremation are encouraged to do so. The process is easy, can also be arranged online, and eliminates any burden on surviving family members. They will not have to make any decisions, guess at final wishes, or incur any costs while grieving the loss of their loved one. Pre-planning also ensures the wants and wishes of the individual are followed. Family members are not put into a position of arguing over their differing beliefs, selecting an urn that the decedent would find hideous, or disagreeing over which member should take possession of the ashes. Death is stressful for those left behind, and it can bring out the worst in people. Avoid any fighting, unpleasantness, or hard feelings among family members by pre-planning your own cremation.

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