Lead Shot for Sale – It Has Many Uses

Lead is a very common material in the 21st Century and although it is not used as much for pipes or paint products these days, lead shot for sale has a wide range of uses. Let’s explore some of the many good things about this versatile and cost-effective metal.

What is Shot?

Shot refers to tiny balls of lead. They can be just about any size, depending on the need of the customer. Originally, shot was used for ammunition, and both ancient and modern shotguns use this material for shooting. It allows the shooter to cover a wide area with one shot. However, there is a drawback, because the effective range is limited with this kind of ammunition.

Shot has been used in warfare and in the early part of the American Civil War, some soldiers loaded their muskets with “buck and ball.” This practice utilized a round lead ball with some large buckshot. It made the shooter more effective and worked well for the war tactics of the mid 19th Century.


Lead shot for sale is sometimes used to repair lead shielding panels. These panels last for a long time, but over time they can form cracks or crevices, and this will affect their ability to shield people from dangerous radiation. Lead shot easily fills in cracks, and when small shot is used, it can create an effective repair.

Shot is sometimes used to seal around pipes and other materials in walls and ceilings. It is one of the best ways to maintain a tight seal against exposure to radiation.

Lead shot for sale is commonly used for creating custom lead ballast applications. Instead of casting custom weights, lead shot will perfectly fill just about any space. This is an easy way to create large counterweights for industrial and commercial use.

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