Laser Treatments Offer Simple Solutions for Spider Vein Removal

Spider veins are a common yet unwelcome condition that results in red, blue or purplish webs of veins near the surface of the skin. These superficial veins have been damaged and no longer transport blood effectively. Most typically spider veins are found on the legs but are also known to be found on the face, and can be the result of any number of factors. Some of these factors include, pregnancy, genetics, spending extended periods of time on your feet, or weight gain. Typically those who suffer with this medical condition are high self-conscious about the area effected, and generally wear clothing that hides their condition from the rest of the world. Thankfully, there are a variety of simple yet effective treatments available to help those who suffer with this affliction.

Laser Treatments Are Common and Effective Methods for Spider Vein Removal

Lasers are a common technique used by vein specialist that target the affected areas of concern and begin the process of eliminating them. The laser is directed at the affected area, as its light is absorbed beneath the skin targeting the vein the light converts to heat. This action raises the temperature of the blood vessel resulting in the coagulation of blood, causing the vein to seal and allowing the body to remove its damaged vein naturally. When laser treatments are utilized for spider vein treatment, results are seen progressively and additional treatments might be recommended to ensure your best results. Typically, this method of treatment depends greatly on the level of severity and can take anywhere from one to four months for spider veins to disappear. Often times your specialist may suggest utilizing laser treatment in conjunction with other styles of treatment like sclerotherapy, for best results.

Discuss Your Treatment Options with the Experts

If you are suffering with spider veins it is always best to discuss your treatment options with medical professionals. When searching for options of spider vein removal in Schaumburg, contact the vein experts at Veins Without Surgery. Their office provides a variety of safe and effective spider vein treatments for both men and women.

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