Laser Hair Treatments: Are You Losing Your Hair?

Most people lose about a hundred hairs every day. That’s normal. It becomes a problem when the hairs don’t grow back, though. This condition happens due to some things like stress, age, and heredity as well as hormonal changes, the Healthline says. If you have a medical condition like diabetes or lupus or suffer from poor nutrition, then you may lose your hair as a result. Hair loss is also a common side effect of chemotherapy.


There are treatments that can stop hair loss. Some may even successfully reverse the condition. These include medications, surgery, and laser therapy. Low-level laser therapy is a widely accepted procedure. It’s known to be safe and much less invasive than surgery, which makes it the ideal option for a lot of people who seek out treatment.

Laser therapy

Finding a treatment facility that offers laser hair regrowth in Rockland County NY should be the next step on your list. Before you set up an appointment, though, make sure you do your homework. Find a facility with an excellent reputation.

Doctors and staff

Aside from reputation, you’ll want to check on the credentials of the doctor and the staff at the facility. Are they trained and competent? Do they have the skill and experience to perform treatments like laser hair regrowth in Rockland County NY to you?


Be sure to talk to the doctor about your expectations. What kind of results do you want to achieve? Also, be aware that results take time. They won’t happen overnight. You’ll need to go back for several sessions a week, and this can last for months before you see the results.

If you want to consider laser treatments, talk to a doctor. An experienced one will help you decide whether this is the right option for you.

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