Large Boat Transport Trailers – New Vs. Used

Do you have a large vessel or yacht? Perhaps you are in the water vessel transport business, and you need something that can handle heavy or bulky loads. It’s important to choose a trailer that can live up to all your expectations. However, high-quality, hydraulic boat transport trailers can be expensive, so should you consider buying used or go with a new one? Here are some tips to make your decision a little easier.


When you buy a pre-owned trailer, you sometimes take your chances. This usually happens if you buy from an individual or dealer that doesn’t sell a lot of trailers. However, some trailer dealers often have excellent used trailers in stock that customers have traded in on new ones. These trailers come with a guarantee, and you know that they are in good shape.

The cost savings of used over new can be many thousands of dollars. Yet, this depends on the kind of trailer that you want and need.


You’ll enjoy several important benefits when you shop for new boat transport trailers. But it’s important to go with a dealer that specializes in trailers, and when you do business directly with the manufacturer, you get the best deals and service for your money.

Why Choose a Trailer Manufacturer?

Perhaps the most important reasons to go straight to the manufacturer is cost. You eliminate middleman companies this way, and you’ll get the lowest cost for your trailer or trailers. Your trailer manufacturer can custom-build you the perfect boat transport trailers for business or personal use. You can choose remote controls and onboard air compressors for maximum convenience. They have all the latest safety equipment and a large variety of features and sizes to choose from. You’ll receive benefits like lifetime customer support and exceptional warranties on all the parts and components.

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