Landscapers in Port Jefferson NY offer More than Just Plants and Trees

Landscapers in Port Jefferson NY offer a number of great services for their customers. In all likelihood, however, when you think of a landscaper, you probably think of someone that helps to create a landscape that is beautiful to the eye and pleasant to spend time in. While it’s true that a landscaper does create beautiful garden and yard designs, they can offer more than this. Keep reading to learn more!

One of the things that Landscapers in Port Jefferson NY offers is pool side design. If you have a pool in your backyard that has a simple patio and a couple of lawn chairs, a landscaper can take this area and make it into an oasis. This can include creating an in-ground fire pit, changing out the pavers around the pool, creating a pool feature, such as a waterfall or fountain, and much more. They can create something totally unique to you, or you can choose a design from their portfolio that represents your style.

Another thing that landscapers can offer is a design feature in your yard. This could be something simple, like a large fire pit, but it can also be something grand. They can create a rock wall and the second level to your yard. They can build a brick enclosure to replace the fence around your yard. They could create a patio area with details that you’ve never considered before to provide you with something truly original for your yard.

They can also repair or replace entryway steps and pathways. These areas sometimes deteriorate over the years and need to be taken care of. They can use materials that match the original design, or tear everything down and start new, whatever needs to be done, they have the skill and the imagination to do it.

The bottom line is that landscapers offer more than yard design, although they do this and they do it well. What’s more, they can maintain their design if you’re not inclined to manage it. If you want to see what a local landscaper in your area can offer you, visit  for yourself and look at the photos of their designs. You’ll be impressed at all the wonderful things they can do for your outdoor spaces.

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