Landscape Supply in Hamilton Township for Decorative Stone Retaining Walls

The right materials from a business providing Landscape Supply in Hamilton Township can help a residential property owner build a retaining wall. Many materials can be used to construct these features. Blocks made of cement and aggregate are one of the most common choices since they are so easy to install. Another intriguing possibility is wire structures known as gabions filled with crushed or decorative stone.

Perhaps there already is a retaining wall on the property, but it could be in a state of disrepair and aesthetically unappealing. In contrast, the owner might have just recently bought a residential lot with a slope and wants to build a retaining wall to prevent erosion. Erosion also can be prevented around a patio that is at a low point on the property and has sloping land around some of the diameter.

Managing Slopes

Often a retaining wall lines one side of a property because that is the only slope. This is typical of residential lots on a hill. The wall might be set between two adjacent lots. In other cases, the homes are built along the top of a hill and either the back or front yard has a significant slope. A provider of Landscape Supply in Hamilton Township can deliver a load of stone with which to construct the feature.

Required Tools

In many cases, property owners already own all the tools they’ll need for this project, although they’ll have to buy additional materials for the wall besides the stone. A tape measure and a level make sure everything is the right size and placed evenly. A spade is required, as is a hammer and a rubber mallet. Numerous online videos demonstrate how to build retaining walls. Diagrams and written instructions can be downloaded and printed as well.

Gabion Retaining Walls

Contact Artistic Materials Inc. to find out pricing for decorative and crushed stone that is suitable for building a gabion retaining wall. These home improvement features can be strikingly beautiful and attention-getting, especially as compared with the typical concrete block wall. With a variation of colors and sizes, the stones provide a point of interest that is pleasing to the eye.

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