Landscape Architects in Round Rock, Texas Who Designs Community Parks

When it is time to design a new project for the community, or bring to life a vision for a new park, you need the help of architects. There are landscape architects in Round Rock, Texas who will help bring that to pass. They want to tell you about possible issues you might run into with the design of a community park.

When a community or public park is being considered, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration. You will want to think about electrical lines installation, for the benefit of night-skaters and bikers, power for vending machines and other things. You will want to consider water pipes. Your skaters and other users of the park get dehydrated, so water fountains will need to be a part of the park, as well as restrooms, if possible. You also will want to consider the placement of trash receptacles, but make sure they are the kind that are very sturdy or that are bolted down, to keep from having to constantly replace them.

During the construction phase, proper materials will be needed for use, such as the concrete for cement. The wrong kind of cement in a park that is widely used by bikers, skaters, skateboarders, etc. will not last long. Other materials, such as wood and metal must also be taken into consideration for their durability. Hiring the right architect for a project such as this is key, because he or she will be liable for any design flaws. This is why you should search out an architect or firm with experience in these types of designs to undertake your project.

Baker-Aicklen is a landscape firm in Texas that has a wide range of knowledge and experience pertaining to development regulations in Texas. Their range of services include zoning coordination, urban planning, layout of subdivisions, estimations, streetscapes, plaza design, site analyses, construction bidding and a whole lot more. Their landscape division, in addition to the being able to do the park project mentioned above, also does environmental preservation, athletic facility designs and construction documents, and much more. If you are interested in finding out more about Baker-Aicklen, one of the Landscape Architects in Round Rock, Texas, visit their website.

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