Know What to Do When Emergency Plumbing in Edison NJ is Required for a Burst Pipe

Although the plumbing in a home is meant to withstand a lot, there is the possibility of a pipe bursting inside the home. When this happens, the homeowner is going to need to contact a specialist for Emergency Plumbing in Edison NJ. However, what they do before they contact the specialist can make a difference in how much damage the burst pipe does to their home.

If a person is at home when the pipe bursts, they’ll probably notice it quickly. They need to start working to prevent damage as soon as they notice the pipe has burst. The first step is to shut off the water supply to the pipe. Most of the time, there will be a shut-off valve near toilets, sinks, and tubs or showers to make it easy to shut off the water to one part of the home. If they do not know which one to shut off or they don’t have these valves near the burst pipe, they can use the main shut-off valve to turn off the water for the entire home. This will stop the water from flowing further, but it does mean they’re without water until a plumber makes the necessary repairs.

After the water is shut off and they contact a plumber, they can start sopping up the water with a dry mop or towels. The faster the water is removed from the home, the smaller the damage is going to be. Once the majority of the water is cleaned up, placing a fan by the area can help dry it completely. If the pipe that was burst is inside a wall or otherwise hidden, there may be hidden damage as well the plumber can inform them of as these areas can be impossible to reach to dry.

The company that handles Emergency Plumbing in Edison NJ will get to the person’s home as quickly as possible to repair the burst pipe so they can turn the water back on and so they can find out if there is any damage from the water. At this point, they can start repairing any damaged areas. To learn more about what to do if a pipe bursts in your home or to get emergency help, contact us today.

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