Keys to Building a Green Home

You’ve decided to search for reputable home builders in Prescott, AZ to help you construct your forever home, congratulations! Not only do you want your home to be comfortable, but you also want it to be eco-friendly. Here are some keys to building a green home in mile-high climate.

Go Solar

Right from the get-go, you can make sure your home is easy on the environment by taking advantage of the power of the sun. Since you live in Arizona, you’re in an ideal position to soak up some rays. The solar panels will probably go on your roof but if you don’t have enough space on your roof to accommodate them they may need to go somewhere else on your property.

Use Sustainable Products

R.E.S. Contracting, Inc. is a contractor that prides itself on using sustainable building products when it constructs custom homes. When you’re talking to your contractor, ask about building material options. Where do the materials come from? Do they reflect a sense of environmental responsibility? All custom home builders should take steps to ensure that the materials they use are helping to support the environment.

Install a High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling System

As an Arizona resident you’re no stranger to hot weather and you want to be sure that your new home can keep you cool. However, you don’t want to stay cool at the expense of the environment, and your budget. Be sure to ask your home builder about the efficiency rating for whatever cooling system they are going to install.

The structure of the building itself can also make heating and cooling more efficient. For example, energy efficient windows and well-sealed doors can make sure the cool air in your home stays where it belongs.

When you’re comparing home builders in Prescott, AZ, pay attention to their reputation. You want a high-quality home that reflects your dedication to going green.

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