Key Factors to Look For When Choosing A Storage Facility

There are plenty of storage facilities in Cleveland, Ohio. The question becomes which one is best for your needs. In order to reach that conclusion, there are a few important factors you should look at for each facility. By weighing the advantages of all facilities in the area, you will be confident in the unit you eventually rent.

Easy to Access

You might be keeping your stuff somewhere away from your house, but you should still be able to get to them when you need to. Check to see if the place you are interested in offers 24/7 access. No matter when you need to take out, furniture or a vehicle, your unit should be available to you.

Ample Security

You need to know exactly what kind of protections storage facilities in Cleveland, Ohio have to offer your belongings. Video surveillance should be offered. Some other features to look out for include gated entry, well-lit areas and barbed wire fence.

Good Selection

Although you will likely only be renting one unit, it is still a good idea to see everything a facility has to offer. A place that has units of all sizes is obviously committed to ensuring everyone is taken care of. This also means you have options if you decide other items. For example, you may want to store some furniture now, but in the future, it would be helpful if you could store a vehicle in the same area.


You should rent from a place that is close to your home. It would also be good to find a place that is close to major freeways yet hidden from any road traffic. This is an extra layer of protection that would be wise to get.

Some great storage facilities in Cleveland, Ohio are out there. Schedule some tours of a few to see what works best for you.

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