Keeping Your Plumbing in Egg Harbor Township from Freezing

New Jersey is home to extreme weather conditions, including severe winters. Winters are not only hard on New Jersey residents but also for their plumbing. Frozen pipes cause big problems, espcially for summer homes. Follow these tips to keep your Plumbing in Egg Harbor Township from freezing and you will have one less thing to worry about.

Use Sleeves or Insulation for Outside Pipes

According to the Weather Channel, outside pipes have more chance of freezing than underground or indoor pipes. These outdoor pipes can be kept warm with pipe sleeves or insulation. Are you going to shut a home up for the winter? Make insulating the outdoor pipes part of your regular autumn maintenance before the winter sets in. If there are pipes in the attic, crawlspace or anywhere that is not regularly heated, get these pipes insulated, too.

Keep Cabinet Doors Open

Do you have pipes under the sink behind a cabinet? These can be prone to freezing because the cabinet door blocks any warm air from getting to the pipes. Leave the cabinet doors open when the temperature plummets. If the home is only a summer home, keep the bathroom and kitchen doors open to help any trapped heat circulate.

Using a Slow Drip

One cause of burst pipes is pressure from ice pushing against the pipe walls. Keep ice and pressure from forming by leaving the tap turned on to a very slow drip. This is best for pipes most prone to bursting, such as rooms that poorly heated. Paying more for your water bill now may save you from an expensive pipe replacement bill later.

Keep the Number of an Emergency Plumber Handy

Even if you have followed all of these tips, frozen pipes can still happen. Time is of the essence when you discover that your pipes are frozen. Be ready for any emergency by having the phone number of an emergency plumber handy. In the winter, keep the number on your refrigerator or on speed dial, just to be sure.

If you have any concerns or questions about maintaining your pipes or adding new plumbing, click here for more.

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