Keeping Your Home with the Help of a Foreclosure Attorney in Gainesville, GA

Many homeowners dread the possibility of losing their home. Unfortunately, even though the market has recovered from the housing crash many years ago, there are still people dealing with the fallout. However, there are options for people to fight an impending foreclosure, and one option may require the services of a foreclosure attorney in Gainesville, GA.

There are a number of people that feel that once a bank or another lender has begun the Foreclosure process, there’s nothing that can be done. However, there are many instances where something can be done to halt the foreclosure process. In some cases, the foreclosure process can be eliminated completely and the bank or the lender may be legally barred from restarting the foreclosure process.

The first issue that can be contested is a bank not following the proper foreclosure procedures. The federal government and the state of Georgia have specific guidelines that a bank or another lender need to follow when foreclosing on a home. If these rules and regulations aren’t followed to the letter, a homeowner, with the help of a foreclosure attorney in Gainesville, GA, can be successful in halting the foreclosure process. This may not preclude the lender from trying to foreclose on the property in the future, but it can give the homeowner time to possibly renegotiate a restructuring their mortgage, or catch up on missed payments.

There are times when mortgage companies sell off mortgages as security investments to individuals and companies. However, the same mortgage company may be trying to foreclose on the home. In these instances, they are not going to be able to do this. If they don’t own the mortgage, they can’t foreclose. Sometimes mortgage companies will try to slide this one passed a homeowner. However, an attorney can force the mortgage company to prove that they own the loan. If the lender can’t come up with the right documentation, the foreclosure will be halted.

These are just a couple of the instances where a foreclosure can be combated. If your home is being foreclosed on and you feel you have cause to fight the foreclosure, you may want to visit website or speak with them directly to set up a consultation appointment.

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