Keeping Electricity Costs Low After Air Conditioning System Installation in Colorado Springs, CO

When homeowners contemplate having central air conditioning system installation in Colorado Springs CO, they often want to figure out how to keep their electric bills as low as possible during the summer months. Asking the installation contractor for the most efficient system available is the first step. There are enormous variations in efficiency for this equipment. Beyond that, numerous actions can help with managing energy usage even while enjoying cool comfort on hot days.

Choose a Reasonable Temperature

Setting the thermostat at 76 degrees Fahrenheit or higher allows the household residents to avoid excessive heat while still feeling comfortable. They can run floor fans and ceiling fans if they still feel a bit warm, as those devices use much less electricity than air conditioning does. The thermostat temperature should be raised a few degrees when nobody will be home for six hours or longer.

Replace Old Light Bulbs

If the home still has incandescent bulbs in lamps and light fixtures, most should be replaced with newer technology. Those bulbs give off heat that works against air conditioning effects. Any bulbs that are still in use should be placed in areas where the light is only turned on for a short time. Examples would be the laundry room and in closets. Outdoor use also is okay, as that does not add heat to the inside of the home.

Use an Exhaust Fan

In this region, temperatures tend to drop dramatically at night. Using a window exhaust fan to blow warm air out and cool air in allows everyone to feel comfortable without running the central air all night. It doesn’t take long to complete this task each evening. A multilevel house will need more than one of these fans.

Concluding Thoughts

With energy-efficient Air Conditioning System Installation in Colorado Springs CO and strategies to keep electricity usage low, homeowners will be pleased to see that their power bills don’t go up a great deal in the summer months. They won’t have to limit running the equipment that was installed by a company such as Smith Plumbing and Heating. Contact us and take that first step toward summertime comfort.