Keeping Dumpsters In Long Island NY Free Of Pest Invasions

When a business has Dumpsters in Long Island NY on their property to handle refuse collection, there are a few maintenance steps those who use it will want to take to ensure it remains safe for those in the area. Failing to take steps in containing the trash properly can lead to an abundance of pest troubles on the property. Rodents, feral cats, and bigger wildlife like raccoons or bears tend to try getting into dumpsters to find a bite to eat. These creatures could put people at risk of an injury or health problem if they come into contact with them as a result. Here are some tips one can use to minimize the risk of pest invasions in a dumpster.

Consider Adding Fencing

If a dumpster is located in an open area, it will be a target of animals or insects, especially during nighttime hours. To aid in the containment of trash within the dumpster, it is a good idea for the business to install a fence around the container to help keep pests out. This can be locked during times the business is not open to help keep others from utilizing the dumpster as well.

Add Deterrents To The Dumpster Area

To help keep pests away from a dumpster, it is a good idea to add some deterring agents to the area where it is situated. Motion-detection lighting can be added near the dumpster to scare larger animals away. Placing wind chimes or bird decoys in trees nearby will also keep pests from getting too close to the refuse container.

Minimize Odor To Decrease Pest Visits

When a dumpster is odorous, it will be an attraction to nearby pests. Double-bagging trash will aid in the elimination of odor. Using a deodorizing spray or powder in the dumpster upon placement will also keep pests from smelling the contents after trash is placed inside.

If someone is interested in finding out more about keeping pests out of a dumpster, or if they need a dumpster delivery, a call to a service that provides Dumpsters in Long Island NY is recommended. Taking a look at will also provide additional information about a reliable service in the area.

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