Keeping a Transmission in Great Shape to Avoid Auto Transmission Repair in Centerville OH

Most drivers prefer vehicles with automatic transmissions rather than a manual. This is for their ease of use as well as the lower maintenance needs. However, even though an automatic transmission is more convenient, it can also be quite pricey to repair or replace. This is particularly true when it comes to a full rebuild. Here are a few maintenance tips from a mechanic that offers Auto Transmission Repair in Centerville OH. These will keep the system working at its best for the longest possible amount of time.

Regular Inspections

As with any mechanical system, routine maintenance is key to longevity and efficiency of a transmission. Have it checked out at a Complete Auto Repair Maintenance and Service Center regularly, having it checked for worn out parts, change the filters, and flush or replace the fluid. Check the owner’s manual to determine the specified intervals and procedures for transmission maintenance.

Shift Gears Properly

Just because the automobile is an automatic doesn’t mean that proper shifting can be overlooked. Before switching gears from drive to park, reverse, or vice versa, ensuring that the vehicle is completely stopped is important. Failing to follow this rule will tax the transmission.

Check Fluid Levels

Check the transmission fluid level regularly for leaks in the system. Pull out the dipstick and compare it against the recommended levels. If it’s lower than it should be, the transmission system might have a leak. Examine not only the color but the smell of the transmission fluid too. If it looks murky and burnt, there is more than likely a problem.

No Heavy Loads

If a vehicle isn’t built to tow cars or pull heavy loads, refrain from doing this. The added weight will put an unnecessary strain on the automatic transmission. This can cause problems with the operation of the system down the road.

Keep it Cool

Overheating can cause transmission problems. At high temperatures, transmission fluid oxidizes and loses its lubricating qualities. This will damage the system with deposits. Excessive heat from straining with heavy weights and on steep inclines will put extra wear and tear on the transmission. So, take it easy when driving.

Keep a vehicle in excellent shape with routine maintenance from Centerville Service Center, who handles Auto Transmission Repair in Centerville OH. They have been serving people, fixing cars since 1971. Visit to request an appointment.

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