Keep Your Vehicle Driving Perfectly With Transmission Services in Houston

One of the most complex components in your vehicle is the transmission. An automatic transmission could have hundreds of internal parts, and when one of them gets damaged, the transmission could fail. There are various signs that can indicate a failing transmission, including odd vibrations, clunking or grinding sounds, or loss of power when you press the accelerator. If you notice any of these symptoms, then it is time to consider Transmission Services in Houston. Transmission repair could be as simple as cleaning the filter and changing the fluid, but severe transmission problems will usually require that the transmission is overhauled or replaced.

Regular maintenance of your transmission is crucial to ensure the transmission operates properly. With an automatic transmission, this means keeping the fluid checked and filled and the occasional fluid flush. A fluid flush is a technique where the mechanic removes the old fluid and washes the transmission with clean, pressurized fluid. Part of this service will require the mechanic to remove the transmission pan in order to access the filter. A clean filter is important for proper fluid flow. While the pan is removed, the mechanic can check for residue. Signs of internal problem include grit in the fluid or small pieces of metal from the gears or other components.

Modern transmissions can run for a few hundred thousand miles before they require replacement. However, the life of your transmission will depend on how it is serviced and how you drive. Excessive stop and start driving are harder on the system than highway miles. If your daily driving consists of a short runs or sitting in a lot of traffic, then you should pay more attention to transmission care.

Quality Transmission Services in Houston can help by keeping the transmission properly maintained. Plus, if there are signs of problems, an experienced mechanic can find them much quicker than you can. Many symptoms can be discovered by connecting the vehicle to a diagnostic machine, but there is no substitute for experience. If you are experiencing problems with your transmission, be sure to talk to the experts at Universal Transmissions.

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