Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Pain Free Using Dental Emergency in Searcy

Most people are proud of their smile and tend to do everything possible to ensure their teeth are well cared for. However, everyone has off days and when it comes to protecting your teeth this could pose a problem. This is because tooth decay can set in whenever people don’t brush properly and when tooth decay begins you are one step away from a dental emergency in Searcy. Tooth decay leads to serious cavities and untreated cavities can lead to serious infections. These infections can pollute the bloodstream which can lead to even more serious problems such as heart attacks.

Dealing with an infected tooth usually requires the dentist to prescribe antibiotics. It can be extremely difficult to work on an infected tooth and even more difficult for the patient to heal properly until the initial infection is eliminated. However, infections can occur for other reasons. One of the most common causes for adults results from an impacted wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth don’t erupt until later in life and in some cases they never emerge properly. When this happens the tooth can get diseased or the gum can get infected resulting in serious complications.

Other causes for dental emergencies include chipped or otherwise broken teeth and even the loss of dental appliances. Broken teeth can happen for any number of reasons although one common cause is slips or accidental falls. A tooth can chip or break by hitting another hard object or even when hitting each other too hard. When such an accident occurs it is a good idea to visit a dentist and have them take an x-ray of the surrounding teeth. The image can tell the dentist if other teeth are damaged. Plus the dentist can check the teeth and gums visually for other signs of stress.

No matter what your reason for a dental emergency in Searcy you should be sure to visit the dentist as soon as possible. Prolonging the problem will only make the situation worse. If an infection is involved then the dentist will need to eliminate that problem before beginning treatment which can take a week or more of antibiotics. If you have a dental emergency then be sure to call the office of Jason T. Bolding, DDS.

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