Keep Your Plumbing Flowing Freely With Repairs From a Quality Plumber in Bellevue

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your plumbing including a break in the fresh water supply, a failed hot water heater or a clog in the sewer system. Unfortunately, most of these problems are not the type of repair that the average homeowner can handle on their own. For instance, a leaking water line could have several possible causes and the difficulty in repairing this line could depend on the type of piping used. If the original line was made from copper then it may need to be cut and any replacement parts will have to be soldered to avoid leaks. In the case of PVC it is possible to cut and splice the pipes in place provided you can locate the leak.

Which brings up another problem. Leaking pipes inside your walls are sometimes difficult to locate. Often, the only indication the leak exists is a pool of water on the floor or an outrageously high water bill. To discover the location of these problems the plumber can use an acoustical listening device and trace the leak by the sounds in the wall. Because the water in your pipes is under pressure it is always trying to escape. This means that even the smallest holes can allow that water to exit your pipes and leak onto the walls. These leaks make a distinctive noise that a trained professional Plumber in Bellevue can easily identify which makes repairing these leaks a much easier task.

The other major problem faced by a Plumber in Bellevue is a clogged sewer line. Most clogs occur from a buildup of waste paper and other detritus collecting around the joints or angles in the sewer pipes. They can often be removed using a simple tool called a pipe snake, but sometimes the removal only knocks out part of the clog. To ensure the drain will flow freely a responsible plumbing contractor such as West Coast Plumbing may suggest you have the pipes cleaned. This simple service is performed by a high pressure washer system usually known as a hydro-jet. It functions by scouring the gunk from the walls and flushing it down the sewer lines.

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