Keep Your Family Healthy and Your Home Clean With Water Heater Repair Azle, TX

Hot water is an important feature in many homes and businesses. It is an important part of many cleaning procedures and is vital for washing dishes, cleaning kitchens and even cooking the food you eat. Hot water is also important for personal hygiene which is critical for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving your chances of living for many more years. Supplying your home with heated water is incredibly easy as long as the water heater functions properly. For the most part, modern water heating systems are extremely reliable, so much so that many homeowners forget about these particular appliances until they fail.

The common water heater is a simple device requiring very little Water Heater Repair in Azle, TX. It consists of a storage tank ranging from ten to one hundred gallons in capacity, although forty gallons are the most common size. Once these tanks are full the water is heated by either electric resistance or heat transference. In electric water heaters the heating element(s) are immersed in the water and a thermostat controlled system will send an electrical charge through the element. For water heaters based on natural gas there is a combustion chamber at the bottom of the tank. A thermostat and regulating system cycles the burner which heats the bottom of the tank. The heat on the metal is then transferred to the water stored inside.

Water Heater Repair Azle, TX often focuses on the two heating methods. In electric water heaters the heating element will corrode and eventually break. When the element is removed you will see an actual separation somewhere on the element. Other faults can include failure of the thermostat or wiring. With gas based systems the burner can fail after years of use. The ventilation can collapse, the regulator can fail and the ignition system might fail as well.

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