Keep the Family Cool with Direct Drive Exhaust Fan

At Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company, Inc. Direct Drive Exhaust Fan seem like a smart idea. But there are those that say they are a waste. Some even say an Direct Drive exhaust fan will raise you air conditioning bill. Here is the real scoop on Direct Drive exhaust fans and their benefits.

What Is It

Direct Drive exhaust fans are just that; they are fans that are installed in your attic to improve ventilation and circulation. Attics can get stuffy and the stagnant air can get smelly, humid and cause all kinds of air conditioning issues. The stagnant air can also cause serious structural damage. A Direct Drive exhaust fan along with some well-placed vents can be an economical and simple solution.

Direct Drive fans work by drawing cool, fresh outside air into the attic through vents, while pushing hot air out. It is a simple process, but done wrong can create the opposite effect. In wintertime, an improperly installed exhaust fan can cause serious problems.

Let the Pros Handle It

Everyone has a little do-it-yourself in them but this is a job you will want a pro to do. At the very least consult one. Vent positioning and function ability is key along with the fans. A trained pro will be able to tell you the perfect spots to install the vents and the Direct Drive exhaust fan.

Once you have installed your Direct Drive exhaust fan and vent you want to check another thing before moving on. Make sure your attic is properly sealed from the rest of the house. Remember the people mentioned earlier claiming an Direct Drive exhaust fan will raise you air conditioning costs? He probably did not have his attic sealed well and/or the vents were blocked.

What happens when this occurs is instead of pulling cool air from the outside, it pulls the cool air from the house. This causes the ac to work harder, raising your bill. So be sure to check the seals and be sure to inspect vents regularly. These are simple things and in no way should deter you from enjoying the benefits of an Direct Drive exhaust fan.

Here is one of the biggest benefits of these fans. And it might save you thousands down the road. During the winter the fan will keep your attic cool which prevents damming. Damming is what happens when a warm roof melts snow turning it back to water. Then the melted snow goes to gutters, which are still cold and the water freezes again creating a dam.

A Direct Drive exhaust fan will also help prevent condensation in the attic. Condensation can cause wood rot and do serious damage to the structure, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage.

So Direct Drive exhaust fans are a great devices and every house should utilize them. Installed and maintained properly they can save you tons of money down the line. For more details visit

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