Keep Everyone On The Same Page With A Mobile Meeting App

Planning a meeting when you are bringing in people from different offices, different cities or even different countries can be a logistics nightmare. It is a delicate process to coordinate travel schedules, arrivals and how to entertain meeting participants before and after the meeting occurs. If you recognize this problem then maybe you need to consider develop a customized meeting app.

There are several benefits to a meeting app that aren’t available through other options. Sure, you can have everyone Tweet, post or email to each other, but this is not a very secure or professional option. A better option would be to have a communication system built into the meeting app in the form of a bulletin board. Attendees would have instant access to fellow attendees before, during and after the event.

Push Notifications

Another critical component of a top meeting mobile application is the use of push notifications. This allows you to immediately send information to every meeting participant in a way that can’t be missed as just another email, tweet or post. With the push notification system you can instantly find out if there are delays, remind long distance attendees to call in on the conference call or any other type of message that needs to be read by some or all of the people in attendance. A really fun option is to send out notification for raffles, prizes, or encourage attendees to visit your exhibitors.

Documentation Instantly

Instead of having to photocopy and distribute all types of documents and information you can upload everything to the meeting app and have it labeled. Then, during the meeting, you simply direct the participants to go to the specific documentation. You can even highlight specific passages, graphs or charts or even have Power Point presentations all available from the app.


You may have corporate meetings that extend over several days and include multiple types of meetings, events and locations. In this case having a personalized agenda that can be provided to each attendee through the meeting app. Attendees can fully customize their agenda themselves to include both scheduled events and other activities they want to take in.

Using a meeting app is certainly practical as well as highly efficient. If you haven’t considered this for your next corporate event you really should take note of the benefits these apps can offer.

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