J & S AIR INC in Austin TX Helps Keep Homes Clean and Comfortable

A quality heating and cooling system help maintain an ideal temperature level. Whether spending a cozy winter evening indoors or trying to escape the heat of a sultry August day, a comfortable home provides a welcome haven for relaxing. Unfortunately, furnace and air conditioner breakdowns often occur during weather extremes, leaving homeowners to suffer until repairs can be made. J & S AIR INC in Austin TX provides emergency services to restore indoor climates to a pleasant, welcoming environment.

Breathe in Healthier Air

There’s more to a relaxing home than just a moderate temperature level. For healthy living, indoor air should be relatively clean and free of contaminants. Many symptoms, such as itchy skin, coughing, allergy or asthma attacks, can be aggravated by poor air quality. Everyday items, including cleaning products and cooking appliances, often contain harmful pollutants. Households with pets face additional air problems from excess hair and dander.

With all the contaminants in a home, spending several hours indoors can lead to a host of annoying symptoms. A quality air-filtration system is a smart solution that provides a clean, healthy living space for families. At J & S AIR INC in Austin TX, customers can select from top-rated air purifiers, including those designed by Trane, Reme, and UltraMax.

Remote Thermostat Programming Provides Convenience

Remote thermostats are easy, effective ways to control indoor climates. Users can increase the temperature before returning home from work for an inviting atmosphere. Modern thermostats are Wi-Fi compatible and can be operated by using a smartphone or tablet.

New AC Installation and Replacement Units

When purchasing a new or replacement air conditioner, homeowners need to be aware of the unit’s SEER rating. This refers to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which measures how effective a unit is in keeping a home cool. The higher the number, the less energy the model requires to operate. Federal regulations require homes in the Austin area to have a minimum rating of 14.

An experienced AC technician can recommend which number is best by considering the regional climate, unit size, and how often it will be used. Typically, a higher rating means the model will cost more. A rating that meets the individual needs of a home can result in lower monthly electricity costs.

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