It’s A Dog Lover’s World: Benefits of Dog Boarding in Chicago

Dogs are among the most popular animals in America to enjoy as pets and as members of the family. Some statistics estimate that approximately 44 percent of U.S. households own a dog. Other estimates state that among American pet owners, seven of ten own dogs. However, Americans are also incredibly busy, often times juggling taxing workloads and full schedules that make it difficult to provide their dogs with the attention they crave. This doesn’t make anyone a poor dog owner; it is simply a reality many individuals face. Fortunately, there are increasingly popular solutions for this very problem.

Over the years, dog care has seen a sharp increase in popularity and, because of that, it is not uncommon for dog owners to seek boarding and daycare services for their canine companions. Similar in many ways to child daycare, canine daycare provides dogs with entertainment, care, and exercise at the hands of qualified professionals in a safe atmosphere.

Canine boarding is an attractive option for those who work long hours and are unable to get away to tend to their dog’s needs as regularly as they would like, as well as for individuals going on vacation or business trips who would feel more secure knowing their dogs were receiving the optimal care.

Pet owners should always thoroughly research any service they intend to trust with the care of their pet. This research should include an internet search for customer reviews and testimonials. For the most accurate information, an individual should focus their attention on independent websites for reviews, as the service provider will likely not want to promote poor reviews or ratings to potential customers. Consequently, individuals should not hesitate to ask questions about the service and should consider only licensed service providers.

With safety taken care of, a person may be interested in the potential benefits of daycare services rather than being left alone in a house to become bored and ultimately revert to destructive behavior, such as chewing, scratching, and rummaging through trash for entertainment. Dogs will receive attention and exercise as well as opportunities to socialize with other dogs in a supervised environment. Furthermore, some facilities provide obedience training opportunities.

For more information on Dog Boarding in Chicago, Contact Chicago Canine Academy. The academy has provided training, daycare, and Dog Boarding in Chicago for twenty-five years.

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