Items to Consider with Plants Used in the Landscape Design in Long Island, NY

A landscape design encompasses all the elements that the family needs in a yard. One of the biggest compositions of this plan is the plant layout. When considering plants to include in the design, there are several different items to consider.

One of the first items to think about with plants used in the Landscape Design in Long Island NY is the zone. The country is divided into zones that determine the hardiness level of plants. Most of Long Island is located in zone seven. Listing of plants in this zone are more likely to thrive in the environment. This list also includes native plants which typically require less maintenance and water than less hardier species that prefer different zone conditions.

Another item to consider is the color scheme. Many plants come in different color variations. Pick a few favorite colors to plant. You can also mix in more neutral colors such as whites or different greens to help enhance the pops of color. In order to maximum the amount of time that plants bloom and to maintain color throughout the seasons, mix and match ones that bloom at different times throughout the year. These can be placed in the same garden beds or separated to highlight different areas of the yard with each season.

Spacing is another item to consider with plants for the Landscape Design in Long Island NY. All plants will need space to grow. Small trees and bushes will require a larger area of growth. It is important that the plan gives them plenty of room to expand properly. Otherwise, a season of growth may cause the yard to look cluttered or crowded. Crowding may cause the plants to die/ In addition, some plants may not reach their full potential if they aren’t given the proper space.

Because there are many different options of plants to place in a landscaping plan, a little research can help with the process. Take a look at the plants dedicated to the zone level. Consider the color scheme and remember to provide adequate spacing in the plans. Since plants are a fundamental part of the design, contact AC Landscaping about any questions or concerns about the landscaping plan.

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