Items to Bring on a Charter Bus in York, PA

Charter bus trips let you sit back and enjoy the scenery without worrying about maps and traffic. When you take a chartered tour with Conestoga Tours you will enjoy an affordable vacation with comfortable transportation that will escort you to the best attractions, restaurants and hotels the area you are traveling through has to offer. Being prepared for the trip will help you to enjoy your vacation even more.

Bring Entertainment

These charter buses do offer on-board movies, but you should still bring along your own entertainment options just in case you are unhappy with their selection of films. An iPod and a tablet will let you stay in touch, enjoy your tunes while you block out road noise and catch up on your reading.

Pack Sensibly

Depending on the length of your journey, there could be several stops during the trip. Pack bags which are comfortable for you to handle, even after a long day of sightseeing. Choose outfits you will not be embarrassed to be seen wearing a couple of times without washing. Bring one pair of casual shoes that will be comfortable on walking tours and one pair of dress shoes for when you are dining out.


You will want to bring a bag you can carry onto the bus with you to keep necessities close at hand. This is where your entertainment options should be stored along with a few other items which will ensure you stay comfortable and happy. A few snacks, any prescription medication and identification are the first items everyone should have in their carry-on bags. Additional items include a small pillow and eye mask for quick naps between sites, an extra pair of socks and personal care items. A cell phone and charger, travel-sized toothbrush and stain removal stick are other often-mentioned items.

A chartered tour is not just another bus in York PA. These are exciting and fun travel options which provide a safe solution for single travelers who do not want to be alone as well as couples and families who want to enjoy time together rather than worry about the logistics of getting where they want to be. A few extra minutes and some careful packing will make a great trip a comfortable one as well.

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