It Takes a Particular Type of Person to Successfully Work From Home

Not everyone is the right fit for a telecommuting or stay-at-home job assignment. One of the most important factors is whether someone has the right demeanor or discipline to successfully work from home. As working remotely becomes more popular, there are some horror stories emerging from employees who suddenly realize they are not good candidates for at home jobs.

Laser Focus

An employee who telecommutes or an individual who wants a side project to supplement their income needs to be focused. Of course, there are distractions in the office work environment. There can also be the same number of distractions when working from home: pets, kids, television, smartphones, friends and more can all vie for your attention when you are in a home environment.

Self-Motivation Can Be Difficult

Equally as important is self-motivation. People working at home jobs report it takes great effort to get some tasks done. With no one from the office to offer help, it is all up to the person to make sure the work is completed. Perhaps start with a small task and build up to a more complex project. Working from home can be challenging, yet studies show at home workers equipped with the right focus and discipline can be more productive than employees in the office.

Plan and Organize

Before an individual commits to telecommuting or tackling at home jobs, the person should look into what is involved in a work from home project. Planning ahead means having the right equipment and organization at home, including the right computer, a reliable high-speed Internet connection and training in a project management collaborative system most companies with remote workers will provide.

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