Issues That Can be Corrected When You Take Your Snowboard for a Tune Up

A snowboard offers a fun way to enjoy time outside with your friends and family. As with other types of outdoor equipment, you need to maintain your board so that it stays in the best condition for navigating slopes and park. Proper maintenance and a snowboard tune up can also ensure that it doesn’t deteriorate over time, offering a stable surface for riding. Here are a few tips for keeping your board ready at all times for hitting the slopes.


Make sure you wax your board before it’s used. You can wait a few hours to allow the wax to settle into the material or immediately enjoy riding your board on the snow. Remove as much of the old wax from your board as possible before applying a new coat so that there’s a smooth surface, which allows for better gluide.

Repair Damage

Even if you’re on the smoothest surface, you could still encounter rocks and other debris that could result in damage to your snowboard. When you take your

snowboard for a tune up, someone can examine the damage that is present and make the necessary repairs so that you can get back on the snow. Gashes are common issues that need to be repaired and can sometimes be remedied with a little petex and fresh coat of wax. Make sure you wipe the snow off your board after it’s used and dry the surface before storing the board.

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