Is There River Rock In Austin TX?

Is there river rock in Austin, TX? Yes, there most definitely is. And a great place to find river rocks, would be at Loftin Trucking & Materials. River rock is one of the most popular stones used in landscaping today. And there is a reason for it’s popularity. That reason is because of the countless varieties it comes in. Varieties such as different shapes, sizes, and colors, making it more convenient for landscaping. As we all know, landscaping is usually beautifully crafted and designed.

River rocks can be used in various forms of landscaping. They can be used in gardens, to construct waterfalls, river beds, to surround ponds, creek beds, and believe it or not, they are the ideal size to replace mulch. River rock is a great choice if you want to brighten up your landscape. has proven to be a great source for river rock in Austin, TX for over 40 years and counting. If you choose to have another type of rock to incorporate with your river rocks, Loftin will special order what you want if they don’t have it in stock. And they have will have delivered directly to you.

Whether you are adding a new landscaping project or just starting from scratch, Loftin has a safe dump-site that is accessible to you for all of your leftover or unwanted materials from personal projects or even commercial projects. If you do not have the means to dump your unwanted or leftover materials, give them a call, and they will come to you with their fast and courteous service. They accept the following in their dump-site:

  *     Concrete

  *     Asphalt

  *     Rock & Dirt

  *     Clean Fill

Take advantage of their convenient haul off service too. They have a variety of different sized trucks to haul any quantity of debris. Small or large construction jobs are easily handled by them. Why not use the services they have to offer? If a friend or family member asks you where to find River Rock in Austin TX, you can tell them about Lay out your plan for your new landscape and just pay them a visit to see what else they have to offer.

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