Is there a difference between pressure and power washing?

Both pressure washing in Monroe LA and power washing are very effective ways of cleaning many different surfaces and objects, however, there are a few distinctions between the two methods. Due to these distinctions there are some applications that are better suited for one method over the other.

Power washing uses a steady stream of hot water which is under pressure. The temperature of the water is the key element in power washing as it is this which allows the machine to do its job properly. With the right temperature it is possible to remove gum that is stuck to a sidewalk, it is also a great way to remove moss and to kill weeds as well as remove mold and mildew. A power washer is an ideal tool when there is a lot of gunk to remove.

Pressure washing in Monroe LA does not rely on heat; it relies exclusively on the force of the water stream coming from the nozzle. A pressure washer is the most suitable device for cleaning ground in dirt on sidewalks, driveways and decks. Pressure washing is used almost exclusively as the method to clean masonry, it does great job on concrete, brick and block. Wherever there is no seriously ground in muck and mold, pressure washing is the solution.

It’s certainly not odd that people confuse the two cleaning methods as they both use water under pressure. The easy way to remember which is which is that power washing always involves the use of hot water and pressure washing uses water of whatever temperature is needed to do the job.

Both power and pressure washers and all the supplies necessary to do a good job are commonly found in DIY shops, hardware stores and often at garden centers. Depending on the size of the machine and its pressure rating, prices will vary. Most pressure washers for use around the home are reasonably priced and are small enough to store away neatly. For industrial or commercial use the machines are larger, more powerful and more expensive.

When you buy a power or pressure washer take the time to read the manual and to familiarize yourself with the recommended pressures for different surfaces as well as the different chemicals that can be used in conjunction with the machine.

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